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Education Trends Education Trends
 The Open Wallet. Why education costs are rising so much, so inexorably. Also: parents and teachers as partners.
College Guide College Guide's comprehensive guide to local four-year colleges and universities.

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Featuring detailed statistical profiles compiled by Kaplan, the education and career services company, and Newsweek.

K-12 K-12
 Cultivating Minds. How gardens can be used to teach children. Also: wooing teachers and one teacher's year one.
Higher Education Higher Education
 Time to Pay. Money concerns and a young woman's college choice. Also: of course you take a computer to college.
Schools Database
Search our database of statistical "report cards" for the region's public elementary and secondary schools.

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Adult Education Adult Education
 The ABCs of the GED. Critics say it can't replace a high school diploma. Also: Q&A with the head of the USDA grad school.

  The April 1999 Education Review is also available online.
Photos, clockwise from top right: University of Virginia, by Richard Robinson; Computer keyboard, from PhotoDisc; Working on a computer at the Lakeforest Library Connection, by Tom Allen; Amy Franklin, by Chris Hartlove; At the Arlington Traditional School, by Tom Wolff; At the registrar's office, by David Weintraub.
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