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Metro Live Online Transcripts
Transcripts from online discussions with public figures,
experts and the staff of The Washington Post.
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Bob Levey Live
Washington Post columnist Bob Levey hosts "Levey Live," each Tuesday from noon to 1 p.m. Eastern time. Bob's guests include the people who make the news and the people who report it.

Bob also hosts "Speaking Freely," an open-agenda discussion, Fridays from 1 to 2 p.m. Eastern time.

1998 Transcript Archive

October 27, 1998: Charles H. Ramsey
The D.C. police chief on community policing, traffic and the city.

October 13, 1998: D.C. Mayoral Candidates
Today: Anthony A. Williams

September 15, 1998: Arlene Ackerman
The superintendent of schools in the District of Columbia on the public school system.

August 27, 1998: D.C. Mayoral Candidates
Today: Kevin Chavous

August 26, 1998: D.C. Mayoral Candidates
Today: Carol Schwartz

August 25, 1998: D.C. Mayoral Candidates
Today: Harold Brazil

August 18, 1998: D.C. Mayoral Candidates
Today: Jack Evans

July 14, 1998: Jim Graham
The executive director of the Whitman-Walker Clinic on his Democratic Ward 1 candidacy for the D.C. Council.

June 2, 1998: Ellen Sauerbrey
The Republican candidate for governor in Maryland on taxes, gun control, gambling and her race against incumbent Democratic Gov. Parris N. Glendening.

May 5, 1998: Fairfax County Schools
Daniel A. Domenech, superintendent of schools for Fairfax County, on school programs, being a teacher and education.

April 28, 1998: D.C. Financial Control Board
Stephen D. Harlan, vice chairman of the D.C. control board, on the the body charged with overseeing the District government, and economic development, police and schools.

April 21, 1998: Running for a Seat in Maryland
Ralph G. Neas, a Democratic candidate for Congress from Marylandís 8th District, on his race against Rep. Constance A. Morella (R-Md.) and his stance on campaign finance, disability rights and more.

April 15, 1998: Maryland General Assembly
Washington Post Staff Writer Charles Babington on the 1998 session.

April 14, 1998: Julius W. Becton Jr.
The chief executive officer of the District of Columbia public schools on what caused the problems with the school system and how to fix them.

April 7, 1998: Rep. Constance A. Morella (R-Md.)
The Republican from Marylandís 8th District in Montgomery County on Glen Echo Park, campaign finance reform and local and national issues.

March 31, 1998: Riding Metro
Richard A. White, general manager of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, on bus and rail service.

March 17, 1998: Douglas M. Duncan (D)
The Montgomery County executive on commuting, speed humps, technology in schools and taxes.

March 3, 1998: Rep. Thomas R. Davis III (R-Va.)
The Republican from Virginiaís 11th District on the state of Washington, D.C., and topics in Congress.

January 27, 1998: Wayne K. Curry
The Prince George's County executive on schools, business, housing and other county issues.

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