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    'Just Be Careful,' Aron Says On Tape

    Tuesday, March 3, 1998; Page D04

    Excerpts from the transcript of a June 4, 1997, telephone conversation between Ruthann Aron and William H. Mossburg Jr.:

    Bill Mossburg
    William H. Mossburg Jr. (By Susan Biddle/TWP)
    WM: Hello?

    RA: Who's this?

    WM: Ruthann?

    RA: Billy . . . You just called me. I just got in the car like two minutes ago. How are you?

    WM: I'm okay. How 'bout yourself?

    RA: I'm okay. That was fun talking last Sunday. . . . There are very few people left in life who you can really talk to. . . .

    WM: Hey, on that other matter that we was talking about. I have, if you want to do something on that, it took me a little longer than I thought, but I got a guy I can trust with my life.

    RA: Really.

    WM: Yeah.

    RA: Okay. You want to get together again this weekend?

    WM: We can get together, or I can. I talked to him, and . . .

    RA: This is not a conversation for the car phone, you would agree?

    WM: Well, yeah.

    RA: You go ahead. Just be careful.

    WM: Okay. He told me, he said, I told him I didn't know, I told him you was okay and you needed something done and explained it to him. He give me his number, and if you want to, you can call him direct.

    RA: I thought you were going to be my buffer.

    WM: Well, I can do that, too.

    RA: Does he know my name?

    WM: No. I told him everything would be anonymous.

    RA: Exactly. So obviously I'm not going to call him. . . . Here's what I need to do. I need to, even if it's for 15 minutes, I need to sit with you . . . And ask you some questions about this person and just talk a little bit, and I gotta make sure that you and I are, you know, going to be okay.

    WM: Okay.

    RA: Safe, I mean.

    WM: Okay.

    RA: And, all right, you know where I am on Thursdays, so I'm not available. Do you? You know where I am on Thursdays?

    WM: Yes.

    RA: I'm over at, yeah well, I don't want to say it. [Aron often attended Montgomery Planning Board meetings on Thursdays.]

    WM: You're probably working, yeah . . .

    RA: And so I will find a way to page you tomorrow when I get some free time, maybe about lunch time.

    WM: That'll work.

    RA: And maybe we can look at what Friday, Saturday and Sunday look like, and we can see what your schedule looks like.

    WM: Okay . . . You know I ain't got no wife, so, you know, I'm pretty decent all weekend, unless some good-looking woman runs up on me, and then I'll be tied up.

    RA: Then you're all mine.

    WM: Okay.

    RA: All right.

    WM: That's for sure.

    RA: Well, thanks at least for not -- you know what, Billy, it's funny, you read my mind. Thanks for taking me seriously.

    WM: Okay.

    RA: I appreciate it.

    WM: Okay. And I'll just wait on you. You're going to beep around noon time tomorrow.

    RA: Don't hold me to the time, because I never know when I am available, but I will beep you tomorrow.

    RA: Okay then. You got my beeper number, right?

    RA: I sure do.

    WM: Okay.

    RA: Take care, dear.

    WM: Okay. Good night.

    © Copyright 1998 The Washington Post Company

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