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    The prosecution's evidence against Ruthann Aron includes secretly recorded tapes of her telephone conversations. In the tapes, prosecutors say, Aron is heard arranging for a hit man, negotiating the contract, and spelling out her husband's name in identifying him as a target.

    Hiring a Hit Man. On this tape, prosecutors allege, Aron talks with a former trash recycling center operator, William H. Mossburg, Jr., about a potential candidate to be her hit man. June 4, 1997

    Negotiating a Contract Killing. Aron names her first target, according to prosecutors. On this tape, she says that she wants "to read about somebody in the obits," and agrees to pay a fee of $10,000 "plus whatever expenses there may be." June 7, 1997

    Fine-Tuning the Contract. On this tape, the prosecutors said, Aron tells the "hit man" who his second target will be: "A, like apple, R-O-N ... First name, B, like boy, A-R-R-Y." June 8, 1997

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