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Bob Levey
Bob Levey
(Photo by Dan Murano/TWP)
"Levey Live," hosted by Washington Post columnist Bob Levey, appears each Tuesday from noon to 1 p.m. Eastern time. It is a live, moderated discussion that offers users the chance to ask questions directly of the people who make the news and the people who report it. Below you'll find transcripts of previous shows featuring guests such as D.C. schools superintendent Arlene Ackerman, D.C. police Chief Charles H. Ramsey and former Post publisher Katharine Graham.

Archive of Previous Shows

  14   Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, GWU President
  10   Speaking Freely
  7   Andrew Altman, D.C. Director of City Planning
  31   Alan G. Spoon, President, Washington Post Company
  27   Speaking Freely
  24   George Hager, The Post's domestic econonmy reporter.
  20   Speaking Freely
  17   Bob Levey on Little League Baseball
  13   Speaking Freely
  10   Donald R. Soucy, Little League Baseball director.
  6   Speaking Freely
  3   Tracy Grant, Managing Editor, Post online midday edition
  30   Speaking Freely
  27   Washington, D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams
  23   Speaking Freely: Vic Sussman, Guest Host
  20   Barry McCaffrey, National Drug Control Policy director
  16   Speaking Freely
  13   Philip Bennett, Post's AME for Foreign News
  9   Speaking Freely
  6   Frank E. McCarthy, president, National Automobile Dealers Association
  22   Roy Neel, CEO of United Telephone Association
  18   Speaking Freely
  15   Janis E. Mills, principal of Laurel High School
  11   Speaking Freely
  8   Larry Makinson, Center for Responsive Politics
  4   Speaking Freely with guest host Vic Sussman
  1   Miriam Horn, author of "Rebels in White Gloves"
  28   Speaking Freely
  25   Isiah Leggett, Montgomery County Council President
  21   Speaking Freely
  18   Robert J. McCartney, Washington Post Foreign Editor
  14   Speaking Freely
  11   Charles H. Ramsey, DC Police Chief
  7   Speaking Freely
  4   Joe Andrew, Chair, Democratic National Committee
  2   Speaking Freely: On the Road
  6   Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore
  9   Speaking Freely
  13   Women of Columbia College (SC)
  16   Speaking Freely
  20   Eugene Robinson, Style Editor
  27   Ceci Connolly, Political Reporter
  30   Speaking Freely
  12   Speaking Freely
  9   Lisa de Moraes, Washington Post television columnist
  5   Speaking Freely
  2   David S. Broder, Washington Post political reporter
  26   Speaking Freely
  23   C.D. (Dan) Mote, president of the University of Maryland
  19   Speaking Freely
  16   Rich Morin, Washington Post Director of Polling
  12   Speaking Freely
  9   E.J. Dionne Jr., Washington Post political columnist
  5   Speaking Freely
  2   J. Thomas Manger, Fairfax County Police Chief
  29   Speaking Freely
  26   Dana Priest, Washington Post Pentagon reporter
  22   Speaking Freely
  19   Marc Teren of Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive
  12   Shirley J. Ybarra, Virginia secretary of transportation
  8   Speaking Freely: Vic Sussman, Guest Host
  5   Kenneth A. Samet, Washington Hospital Center president
  29   Herblock
  25   Speaking Freely
  22   Leonard Downie Jr., Washington Post executive editor.
  18   Speaking Freely
  15   Ben Baron, Kaplan Educational Centers
  11   Speaking Freely
  8   The Clinton Impeachment Hearings
  4   Speaking Freely
  1   Warren Brown talks about the auto industry.

  24   Barton Gellman on the Mideast.

  17   Guy Gugliotta talks about Clinton and Lewinsky.

  11   Bob on the NBA Lockout

  3   Howard Kurtz on the media

  27   Charles H. Ramsey, D.C. police chief.

  20   Ed Walsh

  13   Anthony A. Williams, D.C. Mayoral candidate

  6   Bob Flying Solo!

  29   Patricia Ireland, president of NOW.
  25   Juliet Eilperin on the Clinton-Lewinsky probe.
  15   Arlene Ackerman, D.C. superintendant of schools.
  8   John Harris
  1   Bob on the Beach
  27   Kevin Chavous D.C. Mayoral candidate
  26   Carol Schwartz D.C. Mayoral candidate
  25   Harold Brazil D.C. Mayoral candidate
  18   Jack Evans D.C. Mayoral candidate
  4   Susan Schmidt on the Clinton-Lewinsky probe
  28   Michael Grunwald on the shootings at the Capitol
  21   Katharine Graham on her life and The Post
  14   Jim Graham on his candidacy for the D.C. Council
  7   Jackson Diehl on the state of the world
  30   Bob Levey on the Clinton-Lewinsky probe
  23   Craig Stoltz on summer travel
  16   Richard Pearson on obituary writing
  9   Bob Levey's Free For All
  2   Ellen Sauerbrey on the Maryland governor's race
  26   Steve Coll on The Post's future
  19   Geneva Overholser on reader comments/complaints
  15   Shirley Carswell on the comics
  12   Abigail Trafford on Viagra and other health issues
  5   Daniel Domenech on Fairfax County schools
  28   Stephen Harlan on the District and the control board
  21   Ralph Neas on Maryland's 8th District House seat race
  15   Charles Babington on the Maryland General Assembly
  14   Gen. Julius W. Becton Jr. on D.C. public schools
  7   Rep. Constance Morella on the race for her House seat
  31   Richard White on Metrobus and Metrorail
  17   Doug Duncan on Montgomery County
  10   Peter Baker on the Kenneth Starr investigation
  3   Rep. Tom Davis on the state of the District
  24   Gambling in America
  17   Bob Kaiser on The Post's future
  10   Hamline University Students on the Lewinsky scandal
  3   Don Graham on the newspaper business
  30   Michael Beschloss on presidential crises
  29   Dan Balz on the politics of the Lewinsky scandal
  27   Wayne Curry on Prince George's County
  26   David Maraniss on Clinton and the character question
  23   The Beltway Abuzz Over Clinton Problems
  20   Mike Causey on federal issues
  13   Jones v. Clinton
  6   Don Phillips on transportation safety
  30   Mike Causey on retirement planning
  23   Jacqui Salmon and Rev. John Ohmer on holiday blues
  16   The NBA: Beyond Misbehavin'
  9   Levey Live Debuts

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