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    How much do you really know about elected officials, their challengers and the battles they wage in the District of Columbia? Now's your chance to find out:

    1. Marion Barry (D) has been mayor of the District of Columbia:

      A. for 16 of the last 20 years.
      B. for 10 of the last 20 years.
      C. off and on ever since he was first elected, shortly after receiving his doctoral degree in chemistry from Fisk University in Nashville.
      D. off and on since the Nixon administration, when he vowed to enter politics to "clean up government service."
    2. In the press conference held to announce his candidacy for mayor this year, D.C. Council member Harold Brazil (D) characterized himself as:
      A. "a rescuer, coming to save the sinking ship of Washington."
      B. "a citizen trying to better his city."
      C. "a reformer."
      D. an "outsider," even though he has served on the council since 1990.
    3. In order to vote in the D.C. primaries on Sept. 15, you must belong to one of the following parties: Democratic, Republican, D.C. Statehood or:
      A. Libertarian
      B. Umoja
      C. Communist
      D. Reform
    4. Jim Graham, a D.C. Council candidate in Ward 1, is the head of:
      A. First Baptist Church of Washington.
      B. Internet programming at America Online.
      C. the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center at the National Zoo.
      D. the Whitman-Walker clinic.
    5. Turnout for the July 1997 special election for D.C. Council chairman was notable because:
      A. there were no candidates.
      B. a voting booth in Columbia Heights malfunctioned, catching an elderly woman's sleeve and requiring the assistance of D.C. firefighters to free her.
      C. only 5.5 percent of voters turned out to the polls.
      D. President Clinton remarked in his weekly radio address that "District voters should probably stay at home, because the council has virtually no power anyway."

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