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Alpha Brown


Alpha Brown
Age: 46
Residence: Washington
Married: No.
Children: None.
Education: Anticipates graduating in May 1999 from Wesley Theological Seminary with a Doctor of Ministry degree.
Occupation/Employer: Senior minister [pastor] at Brightwood Park United Methodist Church; and licensed social worker. Adjunct assistant professor, Prevention and Community Health, George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Sciences.
Elected Offices and Civic Activities: Community activist. Provided extensive testimony at District City Council, ABC, and Superior Court hearings. Served in numerous anti-drug efforts and on nonprofit board – co-founded Baltimore House of Ruth, founded 'Cause Children Count Coalition. Appeared on Bill Moyer's PBS series on addiction, local news and Knight Center on Journalism panelist.

Why should voters elect you?
"As mayor, my priority is to not just make government cost less, but to make it work well through creativity, competence and public-private partnerships. My first priority is reforming government while meeting unmet needs of children, seniors and those with disease. Next, we will stimulate the economy through tax cuts, removing merchants who sell kids alcohol or tobacco, and eliminating wholesaler tax breaks on alcohol and tobacco. We'll facilitate affordable education, housing, and child care, as well as provide access to useful training, sustainable jobs and home ownership. We'll eliminate bureaucratic red tape and make services convenient to residents."

What do you want voters to know about you?
"I experienced firsthand D.C.'s inadequate service systems. Yet, I overcame. With my leadership, we shall overcome our ailments – be they bureaucracy, crime, disease or Congress."

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