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Brian P. Moore


Brian Moore
Age: 55
Residence: Washington
Married: No.
Children: None.
Education: B.A., M.P.A., Arizona State University.
Occupation/Employer: Executive Director, Bradford Executives International.
Elected Offices and Civic Activities:President, CPIV Condominium; D.C. Federation vice president citywide; ANC commissioner, vice chairman; Civic Association president; D.C. Constitutional Convention delegate; Peace Corps volunteer in Latin America; Healthcare executive

Why should voters elect you?
"D.C. has the worst conditions of a city's infrastructure in the country. Moore will support the Control Board. His platform entails massive audits, cleaning, realignment and revision of the city's policies, charter, job descriptions and agency goals. He will also engage all D.C. employees, to expose irregularities. To rid the Control Board prematurely is an invitation for the entrenched system of interest groups to continue plundering the city. Elected D.C. politicians are not ready to run the city government themselves. Moore's realignment will free up $1 billion and produce 20,000 better-paying private-sector jobs for low-income people."

What do you want voters to know about you?
"As a 20-year D.C. resident, I am not beholden to the entrenched interest groups. Nobody owns me. I will only protect the common good."

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E-mail: None

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