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Carol Schwartz

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Carol Schwartz
Age: 54
Residence: Washington.
Married: Widowed.
Children: Three.
Education: BS, University of Texas at Austin.
Occupation/Employer: At-large member, D.C. Council.
Elected Offices: Board of Education; Metropolitan Police Boys and Girls Club; Whitman-Walker Clinic; Washington Hebrew Congregation; Hattie M. Strong Foundation; Safe Haven Outreach Ministry; Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments; Kennedy Center; Potomac Chapter

Why should voters elect you?
"I love this city-my home town for 33 years-and its people. I want to bring tax relief and the services we deserve-better schools, safer and cleaner streets, employment opportunities and an improved quality of life-and democracy to the Nation's Capital. I have the experience and the leadership skills necessary to guide this city; I have remained responsive through all of my elected years; I can attract good people to government; I bring a history of standing up for the issues, strong ethical principles and a proven record of hard work and a long-term commitment to our city."

What do you want voters to know about you?
"I am a tried and true leader with the commitment, compassion, courage and competence to fairly serve all our citizens and restore our city's dignity."

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Williams Raises $1 Million; Schwartz, $188,000 Oct. 14, 1998
Schwartz Wears GOP Mantle Lightly Oct. 5, 1998
Schwartz Outlines Economic Plan Oct. 2, 1998
Challenges Appear to Give Nomination to SchwartzJuly 25, 1998
Schwartz Launches Third Bid For MayorJune 18, 1998
Schwartz's Life a Tale of Drive and Prejudice  –  Oct. 20, 1986


Part of an online-only series chronicling a day with each major candidate for D.C. mayor.

  Photos from a day on the trail with Schwartz.


Where They Stand
Schwartz shared in writing her opinions on
city government, schools, public safety, job market, the future of the city.

Coverage of Candidate Forums
Candidates Debate City's Fiscal RecoveryJuly 15, 1998.
Election Forum Focuses On PoorJuly 1, 1998.
Mayoral Forum a Yelling MatchJune 25, 1998.

Transcripts of Candidate Forums
Mayoral Debate: On Gambling and RaceJuly 30, 1998.
Mayoral Debate: How to Keep City's JobsJuly 23, 1998.
Views on Spending, Parking July 2, 1998.

The Voters' Guide was compiled from staff reporting and information provided by the candidates in response to questionnaires from The Washington Post. Each candidate was asked to provide biographical information, a photograph and a brief statement about why the voters should elect him or her. Candidates' responses were edited for length and style.

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