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    D.C. map This is the first in an occasional feature asking voters about major issues in this election season. The responses below represent a sampling of those gathered on Aug. 18.

    Click on the voter's name or photograph to hear his or her extended answer.

    Question: What is the most important issue in the race for D.C. mayor?

    Location: Outside the Martin Luther King Jr. Library, 901 G St. NW.


      "Itís home rule. People have to know what democracy is in this town. I think if thereís no democracy in the District, thereís no democracy in America. "

    -Elijah Gatewood, 33,
    Bike messenger
    Ward 6


      "I think itís electing a candidate who will be able to rebuild the infrastructure in a way that somehow can break the old habits and the old ties, which seem to have slowed down the process."

    -Jack Jackson, 48,
    Ward 2


      "The most important issue is providing services for those people, the grass-roots people, attending meetings and helping these people, giving them resources and referrals so that they can help themselves. "

    -The Rev. Edward H. Harris, 66,
    Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner
    Ward 7


      "I guess the most important issues need to be the schools. I think the schools need a lot of improvement."

    -Carol Bradwell, 43
    Ward 5


      "The people [and] what the people want. Not use it [the mayor's office] for political power, gain, purpose, dirty laundry, back and forth."

    -Josephine Miller, 35
    Ward 7



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