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possible new downtown
One plan to redevelop downtown features two new stadiums, a megaplex theater, and a trolley line. Read about the plan.
Planning oracles believe cities and suburbs will need reshaping in the future before sprawl can give way to community. Planners evision D.C. reasserting itself as the entertainment and business center for the entire region. Some planners also envision new suburbs that are more like old-time towns than like the personality-free bedroom communities many suburbs are today. Here's a look at some visions for the future of the Washington region.

Dreaming of towns, not 'burbs. Residents of Kentlands, in Montgomery County, are attempting to build a town like Georgetown, Alexandria or Annapolis. But the question remains: Are such dreams commercially viable?

Turning the mall inside-out. The suburban mall of the early 21st century will look like an old-time town center, architectural experts say.

A golden connection. A city task force has proposed a $2 billion makeover for New York Avenue that would include a rail line, traffic tunnel and grand boulevard. Its price tag may exceed the city's budget, but planners agree New York is a crucial connector between the city and its suburbs.

Visions of trolley cars. The District's long-term transportation plan envisions trolleys, new Metro stations, water taxis and bike paths.

Plan for a bright new D.C.. Roam two visions of a revitalized District. Both envision arts, shopping and culture exploding downtown, leading to a dramatic revitalization. First read about the task force's ambitious downtown plan, then read about plans for the entertainment district

Online resources. Take a look at the organizations that make decisions when it comes to planning in the Washington area with this set of Web links.

Build your own D.C. Design your own dream city. Rearrange parks, roads and industry to suit your tastes. In SimWashington, our customized scenario for SimCity 2000, you can try to solve Washington's problems yourself.

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