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U.S. House, District 4
Maryland will send eight representatives to the 106th Congress for a two-year term. The boundaries of the congressional districts are determined by the state legislature. Seven of them are in or near the Washington region. Both Republican and Democratic candidates will be on the ballots in all those districts. The challengers face well-entrenched incumbents.
Rule U.S. House, District 4
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Incumbents' names are marked with asterisks. Web site and email addresses appear in the form in which they were submitted by the candidates.


John B. Kimble
Age: 38
Residence: Silver Spring.
  Married: No.
Children: None.
Education: College.
  John B. Kimble

Occupation/Employer: Behavioral researcher.

Elected Offices and Civic Activities: None.

Why should voters elect you?
"Voters should vote for me because I want to make health care available for all Americans and make our streets and schools safe for all. Additionally, I will keep in close contact with the constituents by returning telephone calls."

What do you want voters to know about you?
"I will try to do my best to improve the overall quality of life which has steadfastly decreased."

Web site:

Albert R. Wynn*
Age: 48
Residence: Upper Marlboro
  Married: Yes.
Children: One.
Education: DuVal High School; BS, University of Pittsburgh; Howard University Graduate School of Political Science; JD, Georgetown University Law School.
  Albert R. Wynn*

Occupation/Employer: U.S. House of Representatives.

Elected Offices and Civic Activities: Maryland House of Delegates; Maryland State Senate; Prince George's County Consumer Protection Commission.

Why should voters elect you?
"Since my election to Congress, I have successfully fought to protect the pay and health benefits of federal workers and led the fight against discrimination in the federal work force. I successfully sponsored legislation to help small-business owners get more federal procurement contracts and have promoted access to capital for small businesses. I have also been a leader in the struggle to preserve affirmative action and reform managed care. I am strongly supporting legislation to provide federal funds to: hire more teachers, build and repair schools, implement national student performance standards. In the past, I fought cuts in school lunch programs."

What do you want voters to know about you?
"I believe good jobs are the key to our community's long-term growth and prosperity. I am committed to advancing legislation that promotes job creation."

Web site:

The Voters' Guide was compiled from staff reporting and information provided by the candidates in response to questionnaires from The Washington Post. Each candidate was asked to provide biographical information, a photograph and a brief statement about why the voters should elect him or her. Candidates' responses were edited for length and style.

© Copyright 1998 The Washington Post Company

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