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  Ellen R. Sauerbrey
Richard D. Bennett

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Ellen R. Sauerbrey Ellen R. Sauerbrey
Age: 61
Residence: Baldwin, Baltimore County.
Married: Yes.
Children: None.
Occupation/Employer: Republican National Committeewoman.
Elected Offices: Maryland House of Delegates; Minority Leader; Board member or officer in many civic and nonprofit organizations and recipient of honors from many other such organizations.

Why should voters elect you?
"Maryland is not living up to its potential. A cozy clique of politicians often bases decisions not on what is best for Maryland, but on what will maintain their control. Insider politics, fueled by special-interest dollars, has resulted in 'anything goes' ethics – I have the integrity and courage of conviction to change this culture. I'll work for world-class education, safe schools and neighborhoods and preserving our natural resources like the Chesapeake Bay. I'll bring new and better paying jobs to Maryland, help small businesses prosper, be fiscally responsible and make real reductions in job-killing taxes and regulations."

What do you want voters to know about you?
"A steelworker's daughter, former high school teacher and a 16-year legislator, my highest values are: integrity, individual freedom, personal responsibility, strong families and compassion."

Web site:

Ellen R. Sauerbrey Richard D. Bennett

Age: 51
Residence: Ruxton, Baltimore County.
Married: Yes.
Children: Three.
Occupation/Employer: Partner and principal, Miles & Stockbridge, Baltimore and Washington.
Elected Offices:Republican candidate for attorney general; U.S. attorney for Maryland; assistant U.S. attorney; Severn school board; University of Maryland School of Law Board of Visitors.

Why should voters elect you?
"Public safety, education and meaningful job growth will all be high priorities. My experience as the United States Attorney for Maryland makes me uniquely qualified to work on public safety issues. I am determined to address the crisis in education, as well as Maryland's anti-business image. As a Republican, I know that excessive government regulation and taxes have long contributed to Maryland's poor economic climate, preventing meaningful job growth. We will work to reduce taxes and unnecessary government regulations. Additionally, we will work to make sure that high-quality education is available to every Maryland youngster."

What do you want voters to know about you?
"Integrity is important to me. I think too many public officials forget that voters expect them to be honest and straightforward. I am both."

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Candidate Profiles
Sauerbrey Would Remake Md. PoliticsOct. 29, 1998
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For Sauerbrey, Past vs. Present -- Oct. 12, 1998

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Where They Stand
Sauerbrey shared in writing her opinions on
income tax, schools, traffic, crime, lobbyists and stadium deals.

In July, Sauerbrey and several Washington Post reporters and editors talked about the upcoming election and other Maryland races. The transcript is available here.


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The Voters' Guide was compiled from staff reporting and information provided by the candidates in response to questionnaires from The Washington Post. Each candidate was asked to provide biographical information, a photograph and a brief statement about why the voters should elect him or her. Candidates' responses were edited for length and style.

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