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The 1997-98 Season
Search and You Shall Find
A Great Area Stage Show
Relax. You can find out when your favorite play begins without frantic calls to theaters. You can know the closing date of the play you'd sell your dog to see before it skips town. How? Our 1997-98 Searchable Theater Calendar! Search by play names or theater name; get an overview of what's on stage this season, tidbits about select theaters, reviews and more.

Recite Your Own Lines with Local Theater Talk

Which Washington, D.C., area theater production was your personal favorite? Chime in at any time in our discussion of the season's best stage offerings.

Did the Helen Hayes Awards committee make all the right moves? Who would win one of these coveted local theater awards if you were the deciding factor? Review a list of 1997 winners then share your thoughts on the awards.

Discounts, Personalized Theater and Other Tips

We've got the scoop on some of the lesser-known pleasures on stage in Washington. Want to make an especially theatrical proposal to your beloved? Try the Kennedy Center's "Shear Madness." Looking for theater discounts? Join the Theatre Lab. Check out our tips and share your own!

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