Newspaper Roulette

The Newseum has 70 front pages from around the world for your perusal — but you can do them one better. By clicking on the link below, jump to a random news site out of the thousands of online papers in the United States. Reload the page to get a different link.

Talk Back, Gawk Back at the Media
The Newseum, the area's newest museum, is a fancy and free journalism showcase — a brassy and classy attempt to tell where the news industry came from, how reporting is done today and what may lie ahead. It is also a riot of first-person participation and hands-on interactive computer stations, of fake-it-now broadcast booths where patrons can impersonate Cokie Roberts (or if they'd rather, Dan). Kids love it, especially when grown-ups grab a mike and make fools of themselves.

Interactive games are at the heart of the Newseum, where you can become a reporter on a hot story or an editor designing the front page. In the ethics game, you face many of the same important dilemmas that have bedeviled real journalists over the ages. We've replicated two scenarios of the game for you to try.
Click on the "interact" button to the left to get started. Also check out samples of audio tours by clicking on the "audio tours" button.
Did You Know ... ?

When the Pen Is No Protection
Many people think being a war correspondent is glamorous. Four veteran reporters, who've been stoned, arrested, beaten and nearly killed trying to bring you the news, can tell you that it's not. In their own words, these journalists remember the hot spots they've covered and the colleagues and friends who did not make it out.

Catch These Movies About Journalists
The reporting life should be familiar to moviegoers. Journalists have appeared in close to 1,000 films, mostly for entertainment value. So many famous actors have played reporters — Ronald Reagan, Sally Fields, John Wayne, Bogart, Kirk Douglas, Denzel Washington, Jane Fonda and Holly Hunter, to name a few. We've capsulized some of our favorites, most of which are still available in video stores.