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GNP Launches Ninth Annual Scandal Tours

By David Gaither
Special to WashingtonPost.com
Wednesday, April 23, 1997

After reading WashingtonPost.com's Destination: Scandal!, you can actually visit the the District's most disgraceful addresses: Gross National Product (GNP), a local comedy group that turns political headlines into satire, is launching its ninth annual Scandal Tours.

While GNP comedians impersonate political characters from Richard Nixon to Dick Morris, the one-and-a-half hour tour transports you to more than 100 scandalous sites.

This year GNP has added the White House's Lincoln Bedroom, where nearly 500 contributors to the President's campaign spent the night, and the Jefferson Hotel, where Clinton aide Dick Morris and call girl Sherry Rowlands made scandal history.

Other stops include the Watergate Hotel, where Nixon's political career was ended; the Tidal Basin, where former Congressman Wilbur Mills' girlfriend Fanne Foxe took a dip; and the Vista Hotel, where an FBI sting snagged Mayor Marion Barry smoking crack-cocaine.

Every Saturday at 1 p.m. the Scandal Tours bus departs from the Old Post Office Pavilion in Northwest, D.C. The tour can accommodate 45 people. Cost is $27 each. General Scandal Tours are held from April to September; private and group charters of the tour are available year-round.

GNP has been in the comedy business since 1980. It has produced satirical revues such as "Man Without A Contra" (1987), "BushCapades" (1988), "Clintoons" (1992) and "A Newt World Order" (1994). GNP is currently performing "Hell to the Chief" at the Bayou Nightclub on Saturday nights.

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