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 Mixing Bowl Report
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Updated May 18, 1999
Smoothing Out
A Traffic Tangle

Virginia is rebuilding the Beltway's biggest trouble spot: the Springfield Interchange, also known as the mixing bowl. The $400 million project will last eight years.
Daily updates from VDOT's Springfield Interchange site

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Key Stories
Mixing Bowl's Neighbors Seek Answers – April 11, 1999
Crash Mars Start of Interchange Work – April 7, 1999
Mixing Bowl Project Lacks Ingredients – March 7, 1999
Package: Untangling Washington's Worst Interchange – Jan. 3, 1999
Series: VDOT Woes Cause Worry About Projects – Oct. 13-15, 1998
A Drive to Get I-95 Commuters Out of the Mix – Jan. 12, 1998

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