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  • Va. legislative report

    Issues Before the General Assembly
    Where the Virginia General Assembly stood on key issues during the session that ended Feb. 28:

    Issue Legislature Governor
    Transportation bonds Passed Undecided
    Garbage barge ban Passed Favors
    HMO reforms Passed Favors
    Food tax cut Passed Favors
    Utility deregulation Passed Favors
    Michele Finn reimbursement Passed Opposes
    Suburban sprawl controls Killed Opposed
    Lottery funds for education Passed Favors
    24-hour wait for abortion Killed Favors
    Antiabortion license plate Killed Undecided
    Confederate Sons license plate* Passed Undecided
    College tuition cut Passed Favors
    Voter identification at polls Passed Favors
    * Flag removed but name remains.

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