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Maryland-Wide Voter Referenda

As of October 16, 1996

This is a list of the referenda that will appear on all Maryland ballots. You may also want to check your particular county ballot to see what special local referenda are being voted upon.

Question No. 1
Constitutional Amendment
Judicial Disabilities Commission

Altering the membership of the Commission of Judicial Disabilities; establishing requirements for public members of the Commonwealth; limiting the number of terms Commission members may serve; providing that the Commission reflect the racial, gender, and geographical diversity of Maryland; and establishing certain provisions of limited duration to implement these Constitutional Amendments.

Question No. 2
Constitutional Amendment
Executives Department Appointments

Prohibiting a Governor from appointing an Executive Branch officer after a primary election in which the Governor is defeated, except temporarily upon filing a statement of emergency with the Secretary of State; and permitting the succeeding Governor to replace any such emergency appointment.

Question No. 3
Constitutional Amendment

Amend Article 35 of the Declaration of Rights and Article II, Section 11, of the Maryland Constitution by providing that non-elected members of a law enforcement agency, a fire department or agency, or a rescue squad may also hold another office or profit and are eligible to be Senators or delegates to the Maryland General Assembly.

Question No. 4
Constitutional Amendment
Charter Counties - Elections

Amends the Constitution of Maryland to allow charter counties, as expressly authorized by statute, to enact local legislation permitting a special election to fill a vacancy in the county councils of charter counties.

Question No. 5
Constitutional Amendment
Harford County - Elections

Permits the Charter of Harford County to provide for the election of members of the Harford County Council by the same methods available to all other charter counties in Maryland by repealing Section 3A(d) of Article XI-A which requires that all members of the Harford County Council be elected by the voters of the entire county.

Question No. 6
Constitutional Amendment
Harford County - Property

Allows the County Council of Harford County to immediately take certain property for rights-of-way for road, storm drain, sewer or water construction or installation; provides for a minimum 60 feet between rights-of-way and buildings; provides for county liability for certain costs and investment; prohibits more than one taking from the same panel for the same project under this amendment.

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