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D.C. Elections
City Council Elections
Because D.C. is an overwhelmingly Democratic city, the Democratic primaries usually carry more weight than the local general election. Read the Post's story about the outcome of the September primaries.

Even though Democrat Harold Brazil is widely considered a shoo-in for one At-Large Council seat, one of the two seats must go to a non-Democrat. The Post has identified the candidates' differences on one bellwether issue, the fate of UDC. Read about the non-Democratic candidates, and read these stories about Carol Schwartz, Mark Thompson, and Valencia Mohammed, the three most prominent non-Democratic contenders for the seat.

Read the latest stories about the D.C. City Council elections.

The Post made its recommendations for the Council race, suggesting that Brazil and Schwartz get the At-Large seats. Post editorial writer Colbert King suggests that this year's elections be used as a springboard to look forward to 1998.

All 299 Advisory Neighborhood Commission seats are being decided. Read the list of candidates--allow up to 30 seconds to download--and read about one particularly unusual seat.

Read the latest stories about the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions.

Eleanor Holmes Norton is the widely-favored frontrunner in the Congressional Delegate election, but she's not the only person running. Read a profile of the race.

See who's on the ballot.

Get a calendar of local election-related events.

Read the latest Post stories about all D.C. elections.

Board of Education
The D.C. Board of Education races are unusually crowded this year. Read about the 27 candidates that are running for the available seats.

So far, The Post has run profiles of the At-Large, Ward 1, Ward 3, Ward 5 and Ward 6 Board races.

The Post endorsed candidates in each Board of Education race, and you can see who they suggest.

Read the latest stories about elections for the D.C. Board of Education.

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