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 Virginia Elections '99

The New Assembly
Democrat 47 19
Republican 52 21
Independent 1 0
Va. Election Results
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Full Post Coverage: Nov. 4
Gilmore Hails 'Mandate'
An exultant Gov. James S. Gilmore III hailed the legislature's historic Republican majority yesterday as a "new moment" for Virginia.

Demographics Challenge Democrats
Winners Face Promises on Sprawl
Keating's Loss Symbolic for Democrats
Barely Beaten, Woods Looks Ahead
Arlington Skips GOP Bandwagon
Back-to-Basics Wins School Races
Hudgins Mined Voter Unrest

Full Post Coverage: Nov. 3
Historic Triumph for GOP
Virginia Republicans won a historic victory in Tuesday's state legislative elections, capturing complete control of the General Assembly after more than a century of Democratic rule.

N.Va.'s Message: Slow Development
Analysis: Moderation Wins for GOP
Fairfax Democrats Control Board
Del. Keating, Sen. Woods Defeated
Democrat Ousts Fairfax Sheriff
Slow Growth Wins in Outer Counties
Levi Levy: The Perpetual Candidate

Results From Key Races
State Senate, District 34
State Senate, District 36
House of Delegates, District 41
House of Delegates, District 43
House of Delegates, District 44
House of Delegates, District 51
House of Delegates, District 67
Fairfax Board of Supervisors, Mason
Fairfax Board of Supervisors, Dranesville
Fairfax Sheriff

videoWinners and losers
videoRep. Thomas M. Davis III on the election's impact on redistricting
videoState Sen. Jane H. Woods thanks supporters
videoThe polls open

Key Stories from the Campaigns
Nov. 1: In Va., GOP Follows Southern Formula
Oct. 31: Gilmore-Led Effort Enters Homestretch
Oct. 30: Gilmore's Prize Is Within Site
Oct. 29: Va. Democrats Pin Hopes on Gun Control
Oct. 28: In Outer County Races, Growth a Common Foe
Oct. 27: Statehouse Battle Puts Focus on Key N.Va. Races
Oct. 25: Splits Over Growth Fuel Races in Northern Virginia
Oct. 24: Va. Candidates Seek High Tech's Cash
Oct. 23: GOP Holds Funding Lead in Close Races Across Va.
Oct. 23: Va. High Court Panel Bars Voter ID Plan
Oct. 22: In Va., Downstate Races Point Up Regional Differences
Oct. 21: GOP Money Man Builds Power in Va.
Oct. 17: Va. School Issues Blur Party Lines
Oct. 14: Local Candidates Offer Internet Sites
Oct. 4: Va. Democrats Firing Away on Gun Vote
Oct. 3: National Funds Figuring in Va.
Oct. 2: Gilmore Pursues Republican Voters and Dollars
Sept. 12: Suburban Va. Voters Rule State
Aug. 25: GOP Calls Education the Key to Va. Success
Aug. 15 Post Magazine: Jim Gilmore, the Outsider

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© 1999 The Washington Post Company

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