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    Wednesday, September 22, 1999; Page A24

    All of the region's major local and state governments report confidence that services will not be disrupted Jan. 1 as a result of the Y2K computer problem. Some are farther along with repairs and testing than others, with only the District, Alexandria, and Anne Arundel and Fauquier counties reporting to be less than 90 percent complete.


    99% of repairs on the state's priority business functions are complete. Among the agencies that are lagging are the departments of environmental quality and transportation, although they remain on track to be ready by year's end.

    ALEXANDRIA: 87% of the city's 15 mission-critical systems have been repaired, tested and returned to service, with the remainder to be completed by this fall. The police and fire computer-aided dispatch system is set to be prepared by October.

    ARLINGTON: All mission-critical systems have been tested as Y2K ready, but work continues on real estate tax assessment and utilities billing , which should be completed by December.

    FAIRFAX: 98% of central computer applications have been fixed, tested and put back into service. All critical devices with embedded chips have, if necessary, been repaired or replaced.

    FAUQUIER: 85% of computer systems are considered Y2K ready. The public safety computer-aided dispatch and records management systems have been replaced, but the systems will not be fully implemented until November. The tax system is also awaiting a fix.

    LOUDOUN: The county is about 95% complete. Work continues on the tax admini-stration and building inspec-tion systems, to be finished by October.

    PRINCE WILLIAM: 91% of the computer systems are repaired, tested and back in service. The public safety computer-aided dispatch is set to be ready by the end of the month and code enforcement by the middle of October.


    77% of the city's large computer systems have been repaired, meaning the city government remains well behind the region's other state and local governments. City officials have developed extensive backup plans and expect to finish repairs by November.


    94% of the state's critical software systems for its top 31 agencies are considered Y2K compliant, and all of the state's mainframe data centers have been repaired. Work remains on several critical state functions such as its vendor payment system.

    ANNE ARUNDEL: With a late start, the county is only about 88% complete with its Y2K repairs. The county's police and fire computer-aided dispatch system is ready, as are the water and waste-water systems. The remaining systems should be ready by October.

    CALVERT: Repairs and testing on nearly all computer systems have been completed, with the exception of the purchasing, accounting and human resources system, which should be completed by October.

    CHARLES: About 99% of the mission-critical computer systems are ready, excluding the school board and sheriff's office, which are handling their own Y2K efforts. The sheriff's office testing should be completed by November.

    HOWARD: All mission-critical computer systems are considered Y2K ready, with some internal database systems still undergoing repairs that will be completed within the next several weeks.

    PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY: 99% of the major computer systems are fixed and tested, and less than 1 percent of devices with embedded chips still need repairs.

    MONTGOMERY: 98% of repairs are completed, including all mission-critical systems.

    ST MARY'S: 98% of the repair effort is completed, including all critical systems.

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