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Pope Turns to Global Audience

Pope Benedict XVI on Friday argued before the United Nations that human rights must be defined as God-given and thus unchanging.

Pope Acknowledges Abuse Scandal's Damage

In Thursday homily, the pope asked that the American spirit of hope help heal that pain and urged Catholic Americans toward a renewal of their faith.

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Pope Benedict XVI acknowledges delegates inside the United Nations' General Assembly Hall on Friday, April 18. (Julie Jacobson: AP)

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Watch videos about the Nationals Park mass and other highlights of the pope's trip.

Benedict's U.S. Trip

Photos | The spiritual leader of 65 million American Catholics begins a six-day visit to D.C. and New York.

Modern-Day Disciples

 | Meet nine active Catholics, from varying walks of life, as they discuss their faith.

All About Pope Benedict

Photos | A photographic profile of Pope Benedict XVI, a German who ascended to the papacy in April 2005.

The Popemobile

Photos | One of the most famous vehicles in the world transports the pope to his many destinations.
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Benedict XVI's Tenure

Search recent Washington Post coverage of Pope Benedict XVI, including the run-up to his historic first visit to the United States.
On Faith 

Proud to be Catholic

Tim Shriver
 | Pope's acts, words remind us what it means to believe in a faith that is both grand and humble.

6 Words That Define Faith

What is faith? We'd like to hear what you think. But here's the challenge: You must do so in exactly six words.
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"All or nothing gamble, no downside."
- Duke

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Benedict's Visit in Images

Share your photos of the pope's first visit to the United States.
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