Key Bills: What Passed?

When the Maryland General Assembly adjourned at midnight Monday, lawmakers left a pile of bills on the governor's desk. Those with an asterisk are part of Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s legislative agenda.

Thursday, April 14, 2005; Page PG11

LegislationWhat bill would doStatus
Slot machine gambling* Legalize slot machine gambling in Maryland. House and Senate versions could not be reconciled.
Teenage driving restrictions Limit young passengers. On the governor's desk.
Restrict cell phone use. On the governor's desk.
Extend time for learner's permit.* On the governor's desk.
Increase practice hours. On the governor's desk.
Increase penalty for drunken driving.* Died in conference committee
Increase penalty for seat belt or curfew violations. * On the governor's desk.
Same-sex marriage Prohibit Maryland from recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states. Killed in House committee.
Witness intimidation*
Make witness intimidation a felony. Allow an exception to hearsay.On the governor's desk.
Gay rights Allow unmarried couples the right to make health and funeral decisions. On the governor's desk.
Add sexual orientation to state hate crimes law. On the governor's desk.
Medical malpractice* Place further restrictions on payouts in medical malpractice lawsuits. Died in committee.
Asian oysters Require more study before Asian oysters could be put into Chesapeake Bay. On the governor's desk.
Stem cell research Provide up to $23 million a year in support of embryonic stem cell research. Died in Senate.
Car theft Allow wiretapping in car-theft cases. On the governor's desk.
Put restrictions on key duplication. Killed in House committee.
Allow owners to submit affidavits. On the governor's desk.
Higher education Require annual increases in state aid and cap tuition increases at colleges and universities. Killed in committee.
School construction Raise money for construction by closing a corporate tax loophole. Died in Senate committee.
Provide additional funds through budget. $250 million included.
Disposing of state-owned property Constitutional amendment restricting governor's ability to sell parkland. Goes to 2006 ballot.
Electronic voting machines Require a study of paper verification of computerized votes. On the governor's desk.
State Board of Elections Allow minority party to recommend members for state board; add requirements to remove administrator. Vetoed by governor; veto overridden.
Violent and X-rated videos Ban the sale of violent and sexually explicit videos to minors. Defeated in committee.
BWI Airport Add former Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall's name to airport. On the governor's desk.
Intercounty connector funding Raise the cap on bonds for ICC. On the governor's desk.
Emergency contraception Allow access to morning-after pill without a prescription. Defeated in Senate.
Minimum wage Increase the minimum wage in Maryland by $1 an hour. On the governor's desk.
Early voting Allow voting up to eight days before Election Day. On the governor's desk.

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