Memorial Day Closings

Service District Maryland Virginia
Banks Most closed. Most closed. Most closed.
Courts Closed, except for adult arraignments and juvenile referrals. Closed. Closed.
Local government offices Closed, except for emergency and essential services. Closed. Closed.
Schools Closed. Cosed. Closed.
Libraries Closed. Closed. Closed.
Traffic, parking Sunday traffic regulations; no meter fees. No parking fees in Montgomery or Prince George's, except for the New Carrollton garage; parking fees in Anne Arundel and Howard. HOV restrictions lifted; holiday parking regulations in effect in Arlington and Alexandria.
Trash, recycling No collections; pickups scheduled one day later for the rest of the week. No trash collections in Anne Arundel, Howard, Prince George's and Montgomery; pickups in Montgomery and Howard delayed by one day; Prince George's collections resume the next scheduled day; recycling in Prince George's and Howard resumes the next regular collection day; recycling in Montgomery is one day later; landfills closed. Regular trash collections, except in Alexandria, where pickups will be one day later for the rest of the week; most landfills closed; Prince William landfill open.
Liquor stores Owner's discretion. Open in Montgomery, except Augurn, Cabin John, Diamond Square, Gaithersburg and Twinbrook; other counties at owner's discretion. Closed.
Lotteries Regular drawings. Regular drawings. Regular drawings.

Federal Government

• Federal offices will be closed.
• No regular mail delivery; express mail only. Post offices closed.
• Smithsonian museums will be open.

Transportation Services

Metrorail, Metrobus, MetroAccess, Fairfax Connector, Ride On, DASH, Art (routes 41 and 51), Connect-A-Ride (routes J, K and Laurel Loop) and MTA Commuter Services will operate on a Sunday schedule. CUE will operate on a Saturday schedule The Bus, PRTC OmniRide, Loudoun Co., MARC and VRE will not be in service.

GRAPHIC: The Washington Post - May 24, 2008

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