Blood Donors Urged to Make Appointments

____For Pentagon Personnel____
The Pentagon has asked that all Navy and Marine personnel who were in the building at the time of the attack to call in to a toll-free number so that the services can put together a roster. That number is 1-877-663-6772.

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• American Red Cross, today at 6 p.m. EDT

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By Avram Goldstein
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, September 11, 2001; 3:41 PM

Hundreds of area residents volunteered to donate blood at American Red Cross and hospital facilities today, but thousands more who wanted to were confused about how to help.

The Red Cross so far has not issued an emergency appeal for donations, according to spokeswoman Carrie Martin. That could change, however, and in the meantime the blood agency asks that donors call 800-GIVELIFE, or 800-448-3543 to make an appointment.

“I know a lot of people are trying to get through to the GIVELIFE number because it’s being inundated with calls,” said Carrie A. Martin, a spokeswoman for the national capital chapter of the American Red Cross. “We’re encouraging people to remain patient and keep calling and schedule an appointment at your nearest blood donation center.”

In Northern Virginia, Inova Health Systems will keep its Woodburn Donor Center open around the clock at least through tomorrow and perhaps longer, said company spokeswoman Lisa Wolfington. This morning 300 people were lined up to donate, she said. The center is at 3289 Woodburn Rd., Suite 10, adjacent to Inova Fairfax Hospital.

“We have a traffic jam outside the center,” she said. “At least 200 people are here now.”

People can make an appointment to donate at the facility with a toll-free call to 866-BLOODSAVES, or 866-256-6372.

Officials at the National Institutes of Health ordered the blood bank at the Bethesda campus to remain open through the night until at least until tomorrow afternoon to accept blood donations.

Donors should call 301-496-1048 before visiting the campus at 9000 Rockville Pike and going to the south entrance of the Clinical Center (Building 10).

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