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D.C. Mayor

James Clark (D)

Age: 62

Residence: None given.

Education: "Descendant of slavery. White man's degree makes blacks slaves."

Occupation: No response.

Extra-curricular activities: "My civil activity is to show our children how to smile, and they will show us how not to cry."

Something voters should know about you: "Any non-black entering or living in this city, respect black people as they respect you. I'll reduce all electric, water bills. Barry city administrator."

Why should voters elect you? "D.C. has a unelected president whose daughters and niece are drunks and a mayor whose campaign employed forgery while he campaigned for Maryland Republicans and increases property tax, closes D.C. General, forcing blacks to sell their homes and move out of the city. Clark as mayor will get on my knees with my Metropolitan Police Department and search for black missing children with the same zeal and effort that Ramsey and the mayor did in Rock Creek Park for Chandra Levy. I will furnish Congress with water and electricity for D.C. voting Web site: None given.

Email address: None given.

Faith (D)

Age: 79

Residence: Adams Morgan.

Education: New York University; Columbia University; Actors Studio West; Jacobs Pillow University of the Dance; Movement and Music Massachusetts.

Occupation: Chair, Advisory Neighborhood Commission, varied entertainment venues

Extra-curricular activities: Founder/developer of F.D. Roosevelt's Arts Order/Stars War; chair, steering committee for D.C. Statehood Commission; produced theater/arts programs for D.C. Prevention Partnership; Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C05; chair, Advisory Neighborhood Commission Theater Arts Committee.

Something voters should know about you: "Broadway, film and concert artist, producer of festivals and concerts, creator of a new, independent, intercultural state-of-the-arts, rendering an economic boom in D.C."

Why should voters elect you? "Having been on the mayoral ballot six times, I have studied the dysfunction of our government and most of its agencies for the past quarter of a century. As a D.C. sovereignty activist and ANC, I determined the necessity of empowering the ANCs as mini-governmental, intercultural community centers integrating functions such as legislative clearinghouses, family counseling, drug rehabs and studies in racism and interculturalism. I have engineered a plan of pure democracy infusing the formula of F.D. Roosevelt's WPA federal arts as the structural girders (aka Stars War -- stars combat pain and poverty)."

Web site: http://www.geocities.com/faithofdc/mayor

Email address: faithofdc@hotmail.com

Douglas E. Moore * (D)

Age: 74

Residence: Shepherd Park.

Education: Ridgeview High School; BA, North Carolina College; Howard University Divinity School; BA, MA, Boston University School of Theology; graduate study in sociology, University of North Carolina; Yale University; graduate study, Boston University; University of Grenoble (France).

Occupation: Pastor ElijahMethodist Church Poolsville, President, Moore Energy Resources, Inc.

Extra-curricular activities: Former member, D.C. Council (first elected in 1974); member, Free D.C. Movement; founder, United Black Fund; civil rights activist.

Something voters should know about you: "I believe in accountability, integrity, compassion for all citizens of Washington. Open door, heart, mind. All views will be considered. Once-a-month 'open meeting.' "

Why should voters elect you? "I have served on the D.C. City Council at-large from 1974 to 1978. First bill of municipality in the U.S. to ban the investment with apartheid South Africa in 1975. Sponsored the MLK Jr. holiday bill. Put into the budget the building of the Reeves Municipal Center at 14th and U. I am an experienced civil servant. An effective Fortune 500 shareholder who brought more than 25 minority, women and disadvantage people to the board of directors."

Web site: None given.

Email address: moorenergyinc@aol.com

Steve Donkin (SG)

Age: 41

Residence: Shaw.

Education: BS, Berry College; MS, Georgia Institute of Technology; PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Occupation: ,

Extra-curricular activities: Steering committee, D.C. Statehood Green Party; numerous civic activities related to public education, affordable housing, health care, environmental health and stewardship, social services and D.C. democracy and statehood.

Something voters should know about you: "I've been a teacher, student, worker, scientist, community organizer, activist, agitator, jailbird, visionary, mentor, volunteer and leader all my life. Good mayoral qualities, I say!"

Why should voters elect you? "A vote for me and the D.C. Statehood Green Party is a vote for the future. Vote for what you truly believe in for a change, rather than simply against your worst fears. Check out the Statehood Green platform (www.dcstatehoodgreen.org), and you'll see a party owned by the people (not the corporate lobbyists) that is committed to justice for all. My priority is putting public resources toward public benefit, not creating giveaways to wealthy developers and private interests from elsewhere. Stop subsidizing the rich at the expense of the rest of us! Free D.C.!"

Web site: www.401M.d2g.com/~sdonkin/

Email address: sdonkin@smart.net

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