2006 Elections
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Harris N. Miller (D)

U. S. Senate

Age: 54

Residence: McLean.

Education: BA, political science and philosophy, University of Pittsburgh; MA, political science, Yale University.

Occupation: Retired, president, Information Technology Association of America.

Elected offices/civic activities: Past chairman, Association of State Democratic Chairs, Fairfax County Democratic Committee, NOVA Opera Board, American Heart Association, Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security; past member, Virginia Research & Technology Advisory Commission, Virginia Governor's Commission on Federal Funding of State Domestic Programs, Virginia State Lottery Board, National Infrastructure Assurance Commission, World Congress on Information Technology, National Conference of Christians and Jews.

Why should voters elect you? "As a businessman and lifelong Virginia Democrat, I will bring real change and responsible government to Washington, creating a better future for Virginia's families."

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction? "Washington is broken. Thanks to the leadership in Washington, many Virginians are being denied the opportunity to live the American dream. We should be investing in our future: balancing the budget, improving education, providing affordable health care and breaking our addiction to foreign oil. Instead, George Bush and his allies have run up enormous budget deficits, handed out tax breaks to oil companies while gas prices soar, bogged us down in Iraq with no exit strategy, and advocated policies that benefit the wealthy few by squeezing middle-class families. Virginians deserve real change in Washington that creates opportunity for everyone."

Web site: www.miller2006.org

E-mail address: info@miller2006.org

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