2006 Elections
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James H. Webb Jr. (D)

U. S. Senate

Age: 60

Residence: Falls Church.

Education: BS, engineering, U.S. Naval Academy; JD, Georgetown University.

Occupation: Author and former secretary of the Navy.

Elected offices/civic activities: Worked thousands of hours pro bono on behalf of veterans and the Vietnamese community in the United States.

Why should voters elect you? "Ordinary Virginians deserve to have their voices heard. I will fight for the people of Virginia and against the money-drenched political machine in Washington."

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction? "The most important problem Virginia faces is a lack of leadership. The country's social and economic fabric is breaking apart along class lines, as never before. The Bush administration has engaged in a failed war in Iraq. The president has egregiously overreached his authority in many areas, including the NSA domestic surveillance program. The Republican Senate continuously rubber-stamps failing policies. Washington does not lack solutions. It lacks leaders who will make tough choices and work toward real solutions. In the Senate, I will stand up to special interests and lobbyists and do what is right for Virginia and America."

Web site: www.webbforsenate.com

E-mail address: jimwebb@webbforsenate.com

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