2006 Elections
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Ken Longmyer (D)

House of Representatives District 11

Age: 68

Residence: Sleepy Hollow, Fairfax County.

Education: BA, music, UCLA; MA, public administration, University of California, Berkeley.

Occupation: Retired U.S. Foreign Service officer; presidential appointee, adviser to the Bosnian peace process; retired teacher.

Elected offices/civic activities: Member, Sleepy Hollow Civic Association, Sleepy Hollow PTA.

Why should voters elect you? "I have the commitment to public service, the experience and the leadership skills to represent effectively the interests and values of people of this district."

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction? "The people of my district tell me that the most urgent problem is the irresponsible do-nothing Congress, which enables the Bush administration to wage war and accumulate debts without oversight. The Congress has not secured our nation, homeland, budget integrity, retirement, health care, education, transportation or environment. The Republican leadership has tolerated corruption while all of these areas of vital, urgent importance have deteriorated."

Web site: www.kenlongmyerforcongress.com

E-mail address: kenlongmyer@verizon.com

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