2005 Elections
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Steve J. DeBenedittis

Candidate for Herndon Mayor

Age: 38

Residence: Four Seasons.

Education: BS, marketing management, Virginia Tech.

Occupation: Manager/personal trainer, One To One Fitness Center Inc.

Elected offices/civic activities: Block captain, Four Seasons Homeowners' Association; member, Neighborhood Watch Program; executive director, USA Powerlifting; Virginia volunteer, Special Olympics Powerlifting; active member, St. Joseph's Church.

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction? "Taxes and spending. Tax rate decreases must offset assessment increases to make Herndon affordable for citizens in all seasons of life, from first-time home buyers with youngsters to retirees on fixed incomes. My 15 years of business management experience taught me to judiciously cut spending and profitably exceed client expectations. I will apply rigorous cost-benefit analysis to expenditures, control spending and reduce the tax rate. We must grow and diversify our tax base through economic development; recruiting, retaining contributing businesses; cutting commercial vacancy rates; and increasing revenues through full, productive occupancy."

Why should voters elect you? "I grew up and chose to raise my family in Herndon, and care about its heritage. I will listen to and value residents' opinions."

Web site: www.HerndonSteve.com

E-mail address: Steve@HerndonSteve.com

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