2006 Elections
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Tom M. O'Donoghue

House of Representatives District 8 (R)

Age: 41

Residence: Alexandria.

Education: BS, history, U.S. Military Academy; MA, international relations, Boston University; MBA, Yale University; JD, Georgetown University.

Occupation: Account executive, LexisNexis.

Elected offices/civic activities: Major, U.S. Army Reserve; member, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Civil Affairs Association.

Why should voters elect you? "America is calling for leadership, vision and courage. Education, experience and 20 months of military service in Afghanistan and Iraq have prepared me to lead."

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction? "We face many challenges and opportunities, but none is more timely than securing our borders. The federal government has an affirmative duty to the citizens of Virginia to control the nation's borders. We remain at war with an enemy who has vowed to attack our cities, yet our borders are so porous that millions are able to literally walk across. While the vast majority of illegal entrants work hard, it is poor precedent that their first act is to violate our laws. America will always be the land of opportunity, but only for those who respect and follow the law."

Web site: www.tomodonoghue.com

E-mail address: odonoghue4congress@yahoo.com

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