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Chris Otten (SG)

Chris Otten

Office Sought: D.C. Mayor
Age: 31
Residence: Adams Morgan.
Education: BA, mathematics, College of the Holy Cross.
Occupation: Operations director, Community Empowerment Operations; freelance Web designer; reporter, D.C. Independent Media Center.
Web site: http://www.otten06.com
E-mail address: mayorchrisdc@fastmail.fm

Elected offices/civic activities:

Past member, D.C. Statehood Green Party Steering Committee; founding participant, D.C. Anti-War Network;
director, Techno-Activism Project of the Social Action and Leadership School for Activists; founding organizer, D.C. Community Action Network.

Why should voters elect you?

Vote with D.C. Statehood Green Party because we share values of working-class families: affordable housing, strong educational facilities, universal health care, prison reform, human rights.

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?

There are so many problems that it will take a serious grassroots-driven overhaul of how we do politics in this City. Every vote for a DC Statehood Green Candidate: * Chips away at the Republi-crat duopoly and brings us one step closer to making DC elections a contest between Dems and Greens. * Helps push local political discourse in a more sane direction. * Forces the entrenched local democratic party to be more transparent and responsive to the needs of DC residents. * Reiterates important economic issues, sustainability goals, and cultural diversity to the media, politicos, and the public.

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