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Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson

Office Sought: D.C. Board of Education, District 4
Residence: Marshall Heights.
Education: Some college, pre-med, Federal City College.
Occupation: Investigator, director of Complaint/Resolution Center.
Web site: None given.
E-mail address: None given.

Elected offices/civic activities:

Precinct captain, Ward 7; vice chairman, 6th District Metropolitan Police Advisory Committee; advocate, best schools possible and child welfare, protection of our seniors and public safety; promoter, justice and transparency in government; founding member

Why should voters elect you?

"Will facilitate the full participation for all our citizens to make our school system the best possible."

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?

"The citizens are angry and frustrated, and they do not have elected officials that truly represent the feeling and concerns of the public and its best interest. Our schools are in a complete shambles and disarray, to say the best, and no one knows exactly where it is or where it's going. There is bloodletting all over our city and we have no effective and solid plan to protect our children in or out of school. We have failed to listen to our children's and our citizens' complaints or proposed resolutions."

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