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Mike Panetta (D)

Mike Panetta

Office Sought: D.C. Shadow U.S. Representative
Age: 35
Residence: Woodley Park.
Education: BA, MA, political science, American University.
Occupation: Director of public affairs, Grassroots Enterprise.
Web site: http://www.mikepanetta.com
E-mail address: mike@mikepanetta.com

Elected offices/civic activities:

Chairman, captain, District of Columbia Olympic Committee Curling Team; member, D.C. Vote; member, American University Alumni Association Board; past president, American University School of Public Affairs Alumni Chapter; past executive director, X-PAC: T

Why should voters elect you?

"I have a record of running creative grass-roots campaigns that have raised awareness outside the District about our lack of voting rights."

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?

"In regard to the position for which I am running, the most pressing problem is the District's lack of representation in the legislative branch of the federal government. This abhorrent situation relegates hundreds of thousands of Americans to second-class citizenship within their own country. Every other issue our city faces is negatively affected by this 'taxation without representation' situation. Resolving this problem should be a priority for all elected officials in the District."

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