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Theresa Conroy (R)

Theresa Conroy

Office Sought: D.C. Council, Ward 3
Age: 54
Residence: Cathedral Heights.
Education: BA, political science, French, Dominican University (Chicago); MA, PhD, political science, Catholic University.
Occupation: Teacher, Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School.
Web site: http://conroyforcouncil.org
E-mail address: conroyforcouncil@aol.com

Elected offices/civic activities:

President, League of Republican Women of D.C.; volunteer, Boy Scout Troop 594, Missionaries of Charity.

Why should voters elect you?

"I would provide a different public policy perspective, search for common ground to solve problems and represent Ward 3 interests and values first and foremost."

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?

"Protecting Ward 3 against excessive and unrestrained development; insisting on lower taxes and lean, clean and effective government services; empowering parents to choose among good schools; improving policing and emergency medical service to protect public safety; strengthening Advisory Neighborhood Commissions to protect neighborhood interests and values; reducing traffic congestion and air pollution by discouraging commuting by car; empowering voters to hold council members accountable; reducing hyper-partisanship and searching for common ground to solve problems; providing constituent services; and using information from that process for legislative oversight and new legislated solutions; representing Ward 3 first and foremost."

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