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Anne Arundel County Council, District 5

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Results below are unofficial and may be incomplete. For final results, check state and county board of elections web sites.

Anne Arundel County Council District 5 Results  
Cathleen M. Vitale * 21,88474%
A.J. "Tito" Baca 7,84626%
Key: * Incumbent | Red Checkmark Winner
Precincts: 100% | Updated: 2:02 PM ET | Source: The Post


Cathleen M. Vitale

Cathleen M. Vitale* (R)

Occupation Council member; senior lawyer, Henault & Sysko.
Education BA, government, politics, University of Maryland; JD, University of Baltimore.
Age: 42 | Residence: Severna Park.
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A.J. "Tito" Baca

A.J. "Tito" Baca (D)

Occupation Assoc. prof., Montgomery Coll.; adjunct prof., Anne Arundel Comm. Coll.; advanced personal trainer, Big Vanilla.
Education BS, education, University of New Mexico; MA, University of Maryland; PhD, education, Nova Southeastern University.
Age: 37 | Residence: Arnold.
Web site: None given. | » E-mail

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