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Maryland State House, District 19

About the Race

Three candidates will be chosen to represent District 19.

General Election

Results below are unofficial and may be incomplete. For final results, check state and county board of elections web sites.

Md. State House District 19 Results  
Hank Heller * (D) 22,16424%
Benjamin Kramer (D) 22,04624%
Roger Manno (D) 21,92424%
John Joaquin (R) 8,88010%
Thomas Hardman (R) 8,7149%
Tom Masser (R) 8,6059%
Key: * Incumbent | Red Checkmark Winner
Precincts: 100% | Updated: 2:29 PM ET | Source: AP


Roger Manno

Roger Manno (D)

Occupation Legislative director-lawyer, U.S. House of Representatives; former public school para-educator.
Education BA, political science, Hunter College; JD, MA, intellectual property, Franklin Pierce Law Center.
Age: 40 | Residence: Silver Spring.
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John R. Joaquin

John R. Joaquin (R)

Occupation Public sector program manager, Automated Data Processing Inc.
Education BA, economics, UCLA; MBA, George Washington University; course work, London School of Economics.
Age: 45 | Residence: Norbeck.
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Thomas Hardman

Thomas Hardman (R)

Occupation IT consultant.
Education None given.
Age: 48 | Residence: Aspen Hill.
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Tom Masser

Tom Masser (R)

Occupation Retired U.S. Navy commander.
Education BA, economics, Queens College, City University of New York; MBA, National University, Calif.
Age: 56 | Residence: Rockville.
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Benjamin F. Kramer

Benjamin F. Kramer (D)

Occupation Self-employed, small-business owner/operator.
Education BA, law enforcement, University of Maryland.
Age: 49 | Residence: Derwood.
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Henry B. "Hank" Heller

Henry B. "Hank" Heller* (D)

Occupation State delegate; educator; adjunct professor, U-Md. University College. Retired special education administrator.
Education AA, Montgomery College; BS, Frostburg State; MA, PhD, education, Virginia Tech.
Age: 65 | Residence: Leisure World.
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Note: This list of candidates is not comprehensive. Candidates will be added and removed from this page as the race unfolds.

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