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Maryland State Senate, District 15

About the Race

General Election

Results below are unofficial and may be incomplete. For final results, check state and county board of elections web sites.


Bill Askinazi

Bill Askinazi (R)

Occupation Partner, Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker PA.
Education BA, Penn State; MBA, University of Connecticut; JD, Georgetown University; course work, Exeter University, England.
Age: 48 | Residence: Potomac.
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Rob Garagiola

Rob Garagiola* (D)

Occupation State senator, business lawyer.
Education BA, political science, Rutgers University; JD, GWU; graduate, Primary Leadership Development Course, Army Reserve.
Age: 34 | Residence: Germantown.
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Note: This list of candidates is not comprehensive. Candidates will be added and removed from this page as the race unfolds.

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