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Jack Johnson* (D)

Jack Johnson

Office Sought: Prince George's County Executive
Age: 57
Residence: Mitchellville.
Education: BA, business administration, Benedict College; JD, Howard University School of Law.
Occupation: County executive.
Web site: http://www.jackjohnson06.com
E-mail address: None given.

Elected offices/civic activities:

Prince George's county executive, 2002-present; state's attorney, Prince George's County, 1995-2002; deputy state's attorney, Prince George's County, 1986-94.

Why should voters elect you?

"My slogan in 2002 was 'The Courage to Act and the Vision to Lead.' This administration met the challenges and will continue to deliver."

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?

"Prince George's County has made enormous progress in the past four years. We have built the strongest economy in history; created more jobs than ever; opened more new schools than any administration in county history; fully funded our schoolchildren and teachers with more than $100 million additional each year, resulting in three straight years of enhanced test scores; and built the largest police department in history, thereby reducing property and violent crimes at double-digit levels in the past year. Our greatest challenge is to maintain this incredible momentum many thought impossible. The Johnson administration is up to this challenge."

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