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Kristen Cox (R)

Kristen Cox

Office Sought: Maryland Governor/Lt. Governor
Age: 37
Residence: Rodgers Forge.
Education: BA, educational psychology, Brigham Young University; certificate, special education, Brigham Young University.
Occupation: Secretary, Maryland Department of Disabilities.
Web site: http://www.bobehrlich.com
E-mail address: governor@bobehrlich.com

Elected offices/civic activities:

Volunteer, food and clothing bank and young women's teacher, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; volunteer assistant coach, Towson Recreation Council; den leader, Cub Scouts.

Why should voters elect you?

"Voters should elect me to work to empower Maryland's citizens and build on Gov. Ehrlich's proven track record of accomplishment and expansion of opportunity."

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?

"The issues confronting Maryland are as diverse as its landscape and equally interdependent. Improving education, protecting the environment, supporting access to quality health care, empowering those who are disadvantaged and other priorities are all important, interrelated and dependent upon bold leadership. Building upon Gov. Ehrlich's track record in these areas and others will hinge upon the ability to manage Maryland's economy — a prerequisite for funding social programs and needed infrastructure. Key to economic viability is an educated citizenry that is prepared to compete in a growing global and knowledge-based economy."

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