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Glenda Gail Parker (IG)

Glenda Gail Parker

Office Sought: U.S. Senate, Virginia
Age: 59
Residence: Fairfax County.
Education: BA, business management, Central Oklahoma State University; MSA, business administration, Central Michigan University.
Occupation: Retired Air Force officer; retired executive budget analyst; mother of three; grandmother of four.
Web site: http://www.gailparker.us
E-mail address: gailparker2006@aol.com

Elected offices/civic activities:

Elected state secretary, Independent Greens, 2005-06;
member, Church of Christ, League of Women Voters, American Legion, Reserve Officers Association, Federally Employed Women.

Why should voters elect you?

"Because I advocate for rail, clean air, clean water, cutting dependency on foreign oil and can cut waste at the Pentagon and do it right."

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?

"Traffic. Getting to work by train takes two hours one way, by car less time, but traffic pollutes and uses oil less efficiently. We need more trains, less traffic. Every year 40,000 Americans are killed on our roadways; 300,000 are injured every year. Six hundred twenty-eight Virginians have died on state roads this year. Rail is safer. We need to get the traffic onto the rails so we can have clean air, clean water and cut dependency on foreign oil. We can cut waste from $8.5 trillion debt, build rail with savings."

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