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Map: Results By District, Key Races

The fight for control of the General Assembly could come down to several contests in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads, parts of the state that have undergone significant demographic shifts during the past two decades.

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About This Map: The General Assembly Balance of Power Map begins with party totals for uncontested seats and adds seats won by each party as the election unfolds.

Key Senate Races | All Va. Senate Races »

All 40 Virginia Senate seats are up for election. In total, Republicans currently hold 23 seats and Democrats hold 17. Democrats need a net gain of 4 seats to take control of the Senate. A 50-50 tie would result in an advantage for Republicans because the Lt. Governor Bill Bolling (R) would cast tie breaking votes.

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Key House of Delegates Races | All House of Delegates Races »

All 100 Virginia House of Delegate seats are up for election. Republicans currently hold 57 seats, Democrats hold 40 seats and three seats are held by independents. Democrats need a net gain of 11 seats to close the gap.

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