Proposed Nationals Stadium Design

March 14, 2006

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Nationals Stadium Plan Northeast Aerial

The final goal of the ballpark designers is the inside of the stadium -- the field, the seats and the ballpark experience. From this angle, you can see several important things. One is the round building beyond center field, which is a restaurant that can remain open all year, even on non-game days. Leading to it between the parking garages is a 200-foot by 250-foot plaza that fans access by walking down Half Street to the north of the stadium, from the Navy Yard Metro Station. Next to the round restaurant, on the left, is an open space to be used as a fan picnic or kids' area. The stadium will have large corridors, unlike cramped Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, and each corridor on all levels will afford views of the playing field -- so fans can keep tabs on the action while buying concessions. It's hard to see here, but the stands are divided into several different areas of seating, from very expensive to more affordable. Behind home plate are 500 Founders' Club seats and 1,300 Diamond Club seats, whose patrons will have private dining services in the stadium bowels. Travel father up and you can just make out two levels of glass luxury suites -- the first more condensed and the second that extends farther around the playing field. There are about 68 luxury suites and 10 more party suites. (The glass at the top of the stadium behind home plate is the press box -- much higher up than at most stadiums.) Other interesting touches include lights that are attached to the stadium roof, rather than extended higher on light poles. This is to minimize the glare on the neighborhood. Also, the right field stands will be slightly lower than the main part of the bowl -- a trick that can be done because the right field area has no luxury suites that take up more space. Designers said they are trying to figure out a way to put some air under the stands so that they can shake and vibrate like they did at RFK last season and during all those memorable Redskins' games of days past. Finally, the playing field will have an outfield wall that is asymmetrical with the following distances: 335 feet to the right field foul pole, 370 feet to the right field power alley, 409 feet to dead center, 377 feet to the left field power alley and 332 feet to the left field foul pole.

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