Proposed Nationals Stadium Design

March 14, 2006

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Nationals Stadium Plan Northeast Aerial

Here you can see the other viewing platform -- the zig-zagging ramp in the left-center of the frame. You can also see a break in the stands -- something architects do to afford more river views, but also to break up the seating bowl into so called "seating neighborhoods" to make the 41,000-seat stadium feel more intimate. There are several entrances to the stadium from the river, which city planners hope will lead fans to explore newly planned development along the Anacostia River. Also note the curved building running along the bottom right of the picture -- that's retail space that will be rented out by the city and the team to retailers. Officials hope to attract stores along First Street that is part of the "ballpark entertainment district" and would remain open all year long. From this direction, you can also see the other side of the knife-edged building to the left of the frame, which will be used for team offices.

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