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The Challenge Index |  Index Chart Page 1 | Index Chart Page 2

How demanding are Washington area high schools? Here each public high school is ranked by a number rating that reflects how much a school encourages students to take Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses and their internationally recognized tests. The rating is not a measurement of the quality of a school overall or the achievements of its students and faculty- it is strictly focused on AP and IB courses. The rating is determined by dividing the number of students in the school's graduating class last June.

    Compared with high schools across the country, Washington area schools overall are among the most encouraging of AP and IB testing. for instance, any school with a rating of 1.000 or above is in at least the top 2 percent for all U.S. high schools in encouraging students to take AP and IB courses.

    Most schools use AP tests and some use both AP and IB. Schools measured by their IB tests are marked with an asterisk.

    Also listed are the name of the school district and the percentage of school's students whose family incomes are low enough to qualify for federally subsidized lunches and who also apply for that program. The number of subsidized-lunch applicants is provided as a rough indicator of the socioeconomic factors that may affect a school's performance or expectations. The number of such applicants usually understates the portion of poor children in a given school.

The Challenge Index (#1-62)
1George Mason Middle-High School*Falls Church3.14610%
2H-B WoodlawnArlington2.67613%
3Montgomery High School*Montgomery2.31613%
4Langley High SchoolFairfax1.9871%
5West Potomac High SchoolFairfax1.59725%
6James Madison High SchoolFairfax1.4156%
7Yorktown High SchoolArlington1.41414%
8McLean High SchoolFairfax1.39810%
9Wilson Senior High SchoolD.C.1.28123%
10Churchill High SchoolMontgomery1.2532%
11Oakton High SchoolFairfax1.2388%
12Wootton High SchoolMontgomery1.2343%
13W.T. Woodson High SchoolFairfax1.1967%
14George C. Marshall High SchoolFairfax1.19325%
15Blair High SchoolMontgomery1.17724%
16Roosevelt High SchoolPrince George's1.17319%
17Whitman High SchoolMontgomery1.172%
18Centreville High SchoolFairfax1.1610%
19Mount Vernon High School*Fairfax1.15633%
20Johnson High SchoolMontgomery1.1236%
21Bethesda- Chevy Chase High SchoolMontgomery1.08411%
22South Lakes High SchoolFairfax1.06916%
23James Robinson Secondary SchoolFairfax1.0558%
24Washington- Lee Senior High SchoolArlington1.03937%
25School Without WallsD.C.1.0120%
26Central High School*Prince George's1.0142%
27Poolesville High SchoolMontgomery1.0094%
28Hylton High SchoolPrince William0.9917%
29Chantilly High SchoolFairfax0.9898%
30Centennial High SchoolHoward0.9862%
31West Springfield High SchoolFairfax0.9846%
32Stonewall Jackson Senior High School*Prince William0.94617%
33Woodbridge High SchoolPrince William0.94415%
34Quince Orchard High SchoolMontgomery0.94310%
35Falls Church High SchoolFairfax0.93835%
36Brentsville District High SchoolPrince William0.9365%
37Lake Braddock Secondary SchoolFairfax0.9313%
38Herndon High SchoolFairfax0.90413%
39Gar-Field High SchoolPrince William0.88515%
40Loudoun Valley High SchoolLoudoun0.8576%
41Fairfax High SchoolFairfax0.83318%
42Sherwood High SchoolMontgomery0.7749%
43J.E.B.Stuart High School*Fairfax0.75754%
44Broadneck HighAnne Arundel0.7482%
45Wakefield Senior High SchoolArlington0.72247%
46Severna Park HighAnne Arundel0.7152%
47Liberty HighFauquier0.71111%
48Fauquier HighFauquier0.6747%
49Magruder High SchoolMontgomery0.67415%
50Bell Multicultural Senior High SchoolD.C.0.653N/A
51South River HighAnne Arundel0.653%
52Paint Branch High SchoolMontgomery0.64710%
53Einstein High SchoolMontgomery0.63327%
54Springbrook High SchoolMontgomery0.6323%
55Osbourn Park High SchoolPrince William0.62111%
56Westlake High SchoolCharles0.6157%
57T.C. Williams High SchoolAlexandria0.61333%
58Thomas A. Edison High SchoolFairfax0.60625%
59Annapolis HighAnne Arundel0.60311%
60Lackey High SchoolCharles0.57820%
61Robert E. Lee High SchoolFairfax0.57122%
62Rockville High SchoolMontgomery0.56320%

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