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The 1999 Challenge Index Rankings

How demanding are Washington area high schools? Here each public high school is ranked by a number that reflects how much a school encourages students to take Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses and their tests. The rating is not a measurement of the quality of a school overall or the achievements of its students and faculty – it is strictly focused on AP and IB courses. The rating is determined by dividing the number of AP and IB tests taken by students at a school in 1998 by the number of students in the school's 1998 graduating class.

Compared with high schools across the country, Washington area schools overall are among the most encouraging of AP and IB testing. For instance, any school with a rating of 1.000 or above is in at least the top 3 percent of all U.S. high schools in encouraging students to take AP and IB courses.

Also listed are the name of the school district and the percentage of a school's students whose family incomes are low enough to qualify for federally subsidized lunches and who also apply for that program. The number of subsidized-lunch applicants is provided as a rough indicator of the socioeconomic factors that may affect a school's performance or expectations. The number of such applicants usually understates the portion of poor children in a given school.

Guide to chart: One asterisk means more IB than AP tests. Two asterisks means college courses taught at the high school substitute for AP and IB. The number in parentheses is the school's 1997 rank. Fifteen schools are new to the index this year. Clicking on a school takes you to its washingtonpost.com School Report Card.

1George Mason* (1)Falls Church3.41210%
2Richard Montgomery* (3)Montgomery3.02513%
3H-B Woodlawn (2)Arlington2.77313%
4Langley (4)Fairfax1.7261%
5Yorktown (7)Arlington1.65313%
6McLean (8)Fairfax1.58110%
7West Potomac (5)Fairfax1.47930%
9Mount Vernon* (19)Fairfax1.44133%
10Whitman (17)Montgomery1.3572%
11Stuart* (43)Fairfax1.27154%
12Clarke County*Clarke1.26410%
13Madison (6)Fairfax1.2497%
14Montgomery Blair (15)Montgomery1.23924%
15West Springfield (31)Fairfax1.2156%
16Wootton (12)Montgomery1.2033%
17Washington-Lee* (24)Arlington1.20140%
18Walter Johnson (20)Montgomery1.1746%
19Woodson (13)Fairfax1.1697%
20Lake Braddock (37)Fairfax1.13613%
21Churchill (10)Montgomery1.1352%
22Eleanor Roosevelt (16)Prince George's1.12619%
23Robinson (23)Fairfax1.1118%
24Centennial (30)Howard1.1062%
25Oakton (11)Fairfax1.1018%
26Herndon (38)Fairfax1.09313%
27Bethesda-Chevy Chase (21)Montgomery1.06911%
28Chantilly (29)Fairfax1.0648%
29Hylton (28)Prince William1.0087.5%
30Wakefield (45)Arlington0.98541%
31Centreville (18)Fairfax0.98510%
32Woodbridge (33)Prince William0.96615%
33Wilson (9)D.C.0.96215%
34Stonewall Jackson* (32)Prince William0.95517%
35Central* (26)Prince George's0.94542%
36Quince Orchard (34)Montgomery0.88610%
37Fairfax (41)Fairfax0.86718%
38Gar-Field (39)Prince William0.83215%
39Magruder (49)Montgomery0.82015%
40Brentsville (36)Prince William0.7865%
41Poolesville (27)Montgomery0.7814%
42Thomas JohnsonFrederick0.77811%
43Falls Church (35)Fairfax0.74935%
44Hayfield (67)Fairfax0.73723%
45Marshall (14)Fairfax0.73525%
46South Lakes (22)Fairfax0.73016%
47School Without Walls (25)D.C.0.7200%
48Lee (61)Fairfax0.71922%
49Severna Park (46)Anne Arundel0.7172%
51Loudoun County (65)Loudoun0.69911%
52Sherwood (42)Montgomery0.6949%
53Springbrook (54)Montgomery0.68123%
54River HillHoward0.6592%
56Manassas Park**Manassas Park0.64724%
57Broadneck (44)Anne Arundel0.6452%
58Wilde Lake (76)Howard0.63115%
59Bell Multicultural (50)D.C.0.62597%
61Annandale (87)Fairfax0.61633%
62Mount Hebron (70)Howard0.6136%
63Fauquier (48)Fauquier0.6127%
64Osbourn Park (55)Prince William0.60811%
65Annapolis (59)Anne Arundel0.58311%
66Liberty (47)Fauquier0.58111%
67South River (51)Anne Arundel0.5763%
69High Point (86)Prince George's0.57049%
70Laurel (101)Prince George's0.55625%
71North StaffordStafford0.5516%
72Einstein (53)Montgomery0.54827%
73Potomac (81)Prince William0.54224%
74Loudoun Valley (40)Loudoun0.5366%
75Rockville (62)Montgomery0.53620%
76McDonough (85)Charles0.5349%
77T. C. Williams (57)Alexandria0.52932%
78Edison (58)Fairfax0.51725%
79Oakland Mills (71)Howard0.51711%
81Northern (69)Calvert0.4936%
82Atholton (73)Howard0.4845%
83Seneca Valley (79)Montgomery0.46815%
84Old Mill (77)Anne Arundel0.4607%
85Paint Branch (52)Montgomery0.45310%
86Brooke PointStafford0.43611%
87Westlake (56)Charles0.4317%
88Watkins Mill (72)Montgomery0.43115%
89Parkdale (99)Prince George's0.42753%
90Leonardtown (66)St. Mary's0.41512%
91Broad Run (63)Loudoun0.4113%
92Chesapeake (68)Anne Arundel0.3983%
93Southern (93)Anne Arundel0.3877%
94Lackey (60)Charles0.37825%
95Kennedy (74)Montgomery0.37220%
96Bowie (89)Prince George's0.35115%
97Friendly (112)Prince George's0.34118%
98Hammond (94)Howard0.3417%
99Damascus (78)Montgomery0.3295%
100Northeast (80)Anne Arundel0.3156%
101Suitland* (102)Prince George's0.31234%
102Osbourn (95)Manassas City0.3109%
103La Plata (83)Charles0.30913%
104Glenelg (64)Howard0.3052%
105Stone (98)Charles0.29715%
106Arundel (88)Anne Arundel0.2953%
107DuVal (109)Prince George's0.29532%
108Park View (82)Loudoun0.29210%
109Surrattsville (91)Prince George's0.29015%
110Howard (107)Howard0.2837%
111Great Mills (84)St. Mary's0.279 23%
112Oxon Hill (75)Prince George's0.27723%
113North County (108)Anne Arundel0.2759%
114Gaithersburg (96)Montgomery0.27119%
115Eastern (106)D.C.0.26861%
116Chopticon (97)St. Mary's0.24610%
117Cardozo (105)D.C.0.23151%
119Northwestern (92)Prince George's0.20853%
120Calvert (90)Calvert0.20810%
122Meade (104)Anne Arundel0.18117%
123Potomac (120)Prince George's0.14647%
124Ellington (115)D.C.0.14433%
125Wheaton (100)Montgomery0.14234%
126Douglass (103)Prince George's0.13916%
127Glen Burnie (110)Anne Arundel0.1378%
128Long ReachHoward0.13315%
129Largo (113)Prince George's0.13120%
130Roosevelt (118)D.C.0.09737%
131Anacostia (114)D.C.0.09445%
132Gwynn Park (116)Prince George's0.08712%
133Crossland (119)Prince George's0.06334%
134Ballou (121)D.C.0.05848%
135Bladensburg (124)Prince George's0.05841%
136Fairmont Heights (111)Prince George's0.05537%
137Forestville (123)Prince George's0.05342%
138Dunbar (122)D.C.0.04037%

(Spingarn and Woodson high schools in the District, like slightly less than half of all U.S. secondary schools, gave no AP or IB tests in 1998.)

Selected Private Schools

Washington International*D.C.6.000
St. Anselm's AbbeyD.C.5.556
Jefferson (public)Fairfax5.124
Potomac SchoolMcLean3.864
Georgetown PreparatoryRockville3.608
St. AlbansD.C.3.514
Georgetown DayD.C.3.287
Madeira SchoolMcLean3.014
Sidwell FriendsD.C.2.800
Newport PreparatoryKensington2.767
Stone RidgeBethesda2.317
SevernSeverna Park1.670
Georgetown VisitationD.C.1.586
Good CounselWheaton1.352
Bishop O'ConnellArlington1.324
Bishop IretonAlexandria1.220
St. Vincent PallottiLaurel1.145
Archbishop SpaldingSevern0.675
St. John'sD.C.0.456
Bishop McNamaraForestville0.252

*International Baccalaureate school

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