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2005 National Moms Survey Questions

47. How satisfied are you with (ITEM) - very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, not too satisfied or not at all satisfied?

4/24/05 - Summary Table

  Satisfied Not satisfied Not a parent No op.
NET Very Smwht. NET Not too At all
a. your life overall946133651NA*
b. (IF WORKING) your ability to balance work and family life9053371082NA*
c. (IF PARENT) the job you're doing as a parent96613443***
d. the amount of free time you have in an average week77433423167NA0

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48. (IF WORKING) If you could live as well as you do now WITHOUT working, would you choose to: continue working the same amount; continue working, but work fewer hours or fewer days per week; or, Stop working altogether?

  Continue working Stop working No op.
NET Same amount Fewer hours/days

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49. All in all, do you think mothers are now doing a BETTER job as parents than their own mothers did 20 or 30 years ago, a WORSE job -- or about the SAME job?

 BetterWorseSameNo opin.

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50. Do you think (ITEM) today is (more) demanding than it was for the previous generation, (less) demanding, or about the same?

4/24/05 - Summary Table

 MoreLessSameNo opin.
a. motherhood68823*
b. fatherhood60929*

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51. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement:
It may be necessary for mothers to be working because the family needs money, but it would be better if she could stay home and take care of the house and children.

  Agree Disagree Neither (vol.) No opin.


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