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Nieko the boxer
Michael 'Scott' Lamana Lt. Michael 'Scott' Lamana
Attack Location: Pentagon
Age: 31
Home: Alexandria, Va.

“We were newly married and stationed in Hawaii. He knew I was going to be alone a lot, so he got me Nieko. She was the puppy from hell, just atrocious. I used to call him in the Middle East when he was deployed there and yell at him, ‘Why did you buy this dog? I’m stuck with her, and she’s tearing the house apart.’ He would laugh, say, ‘Hang in there,’ and tell me he loved me. By the time he got back, the dog was trained and well-behaved. He fell in love with her. We were going to have children, but we didn’t have the chance. She became like our child, and Scott had a true bond with her. Sometimes when I look at Nieko it brings back happy memories of how fun-loving Scott was.”

Lorna Lamana, wife

Source: The Washington Post

Lt. Michael 'Scott' Lamana

Michael "Scott" Lamana, 31, a Navy lieutenant and flight officer, rarely rested.

By day, he helped monitor the operations of the Navy's global fleet from his post in the Pentagon's Navy Command Center.

By night, he attended classes at the University of Maryland -- he expected to receive his MBA in December. In between, he worked out with friends in the Pentagon's gym or helped friends with projects at work or home.

"He loved his job. He loved the military," said his father, Jay "Mike" Lamana, who kept vigil with other family members this week at his son's house in Alexandria.

The family received a visit from Navy officers who said Michael Lamana was among those missing after the attack on the Pentagon.

"We don't know anything," said Lamana's wife, Lorna. "We just keep saying, 'He was a good man, a good Navy man.' "

Lamana, one of three siblings, grew up in Baton Rouge, La., and graduated from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge in 1992. He attended naval flight training school in Pensacola, Fla., in 1993-94. While in Florida, he completed MBA preparatory courses at the University of West Florida.

His family's Navy tradition includes a World War II veteran and a Navy SEAL.

Armed with his MBA, Lamana hoped to enter a new phase. "He was just getting into a good part of his life," his father said. "Everything was just going really well for him."

-- Jennifer Lenhart

Source: The Washington Post, AP and