Mary Doolittle(Family Photo)

Mary "Mandy" Doolittle, 59

Mary "Mandy" Doolittle was a proud Texan who was the joy of her office at the American Nurse's Assocation, said executive director Jeanne Floyd. "She was highly committed to nursing around the globe. She was not a nurse, but she was the face of this organization internationally," Floyd said. "She was a joyful, joyful individual and I can't underscore that enough." She worked at the association for 10 years, developing international outreach and helping with global accreditation for nurses.

Friends said Doolittle had lived in Italy for some years and was finally planning a return visit this July with her partner of 15 years.

"She and her partner had finally planned the trip, and were looking forward to their vacation next month," said friend of Doolittle's, Ann Miller. "Mandy had such a zest for life, and bubbled over with excitement. She always greeted everyone with a wide smile, a giggly "Hello!", and a hug or a double-clasped handshake that she'd keep firm hold of while she asked you how you'd been." Leave a Testimonial
Veronica DuBose(Family Photo)

Veronica DuBose, 29

Veronica DuBose was a career striver, and on Monday, she was riding the subway to attend nursing classes in the District, so she could earn higher levels of certification, according to her stepmother YaVonne Dubose.

"I know everyone is here for a purpose. She was in our lives for a purpose," YaVonne DuBose said. "There is something about her that gives me the sense that she is a nurse. They are very conscientious. She's a problem solver. She's a no-nonsense, absolute person." Mother, Caregiver, 'Skins Fan | Leave a Testimonial
Ana Fernandez(Family Photo)

Ana Fernandez, 40

Fernandez and husband Oscar Flores had been married less than two years and a friend had given her a wedding dress, but the two still hadn't scraped together the time or money for the formal church ceremony they had been planning. Fernandez had been a widow prior to marrying Flores, and raised five of their six children herself. She had taken time off when their daughter, Jackie, was born, and again in recent months because of back pain. She had only just returned two weeks ago to her old nightly commute to the District and a custodial job cleaning offices.

"She was always working; working two jobs, she did whatever she had to to take care of us," said Evelyn, her oldest daughter who's enrolled in a GED program. "She was a strong woman, she never needed any one to help her." Fernandez and Flores, a window washer, had been on opposite schedules since she had returned to work. They hadn't seen each other in a week, he said. Fernandez spent her last hours Monday with her children, they said. A Family Mourns | Video: Remembering Ana | Leave a Testimonial
Dennis Hawkins(Family Photo)

Dennis Hawkins, 64

Dennis Hawkins was on his way from work at Whittier Elementary School in Northwest to Bethesda Baptist Church to teach vacation Bible school at the time of the crash, his relatives said. Hawkins was a devout Christian and D.C. native, his family said, and he was the oldest of eight siblings. With his death, six survive. He was a "God-fearing man," said Judy Williams, 54, who has dated one of Hawkins's brothers for more than 20 years and considered Hawkins a "brother" who was always on hand for moral guidance and support. "He always tells you what's right," Williams said. "I Loved him with all my heart." Nicole Clifton, principal at Whittier Elementary, said Hawkins's title was a non-instructional aide, but that did not nearly come close to describing the range of duties he performed in his three years there Compiling school data, helping with registration, answering phones, helping teachers order supplies, you name it, he did it, she said. "He was the heartbeat of the school. He was my go-to person....Kids loved him, parents loved him." A Life of Friendship, Faith | Leave a Testimonial
LaVonda 'Nikki' King(Andrea Bruce/The Washington Post)

LaVonda "Nikki" King, 23

LaVonda "Nikki" King of Northeast Washington was preparing to open a beauty kiosk, LaVonda's House of Beauty. She was talking to her mother about it on a cellphone as she boarded the Red Line train the afternoon of the crash. They were planning the fliers they were making to promote the new business. "She was so excited," said her mother, Tawanda Brown of Upper Marlboro. "She had so many dreams about the salon." King had signed the paperwork for the Forestville salon space a few days earlier and was going to pick up her sons, ages 2 and 3, from day care. She graduated from Largo High School in 2003, relatives said. She attended Wilberforce University in Ohio for two years before moving back to the area to attend beauty school, graduating in March.

Relatives who gathered outside King's apartment in the Kenilworth neighborhood remembered the bright young woman who took public transportation everywhere and dreamed of buying a car and making a better life for her sons. A Woman of 'Many Dreams' | Leave a Testimonial
Jeanice McMillan(Family Photo)

Jeanice McMillan, 42

Jeanice McMillan was the driver of the train that struck the other one. Friends remembered McMillan as someone who loved the camaraderie of driving a Metro train -- and, before that, a Metrobus. She would meticulously iron her Metro uniform the night before she went to work. "She would have done anything in her power to stop that train," said Joanne Harrison, who has lived across the hall from McMillan's Springfield apartment for five years and became close friends with her. "She was so proud of her job, and she truly loved her passengers." Full Profile | Video: Remembering Jeanice | Leave a Testimonial
Ann Wherley(Family Photo)

Ann Wherley, 62

Ann Wherley was a mortgage banker. She was married to Maj. Gen. David F. Wherley Jr., who also died in the crash. Awaiting more information. Hundreds Mourn General, Wife | Video: Remembering the Wherleys | Leave a Testimonial
Maj. Gen. David F. Wherley Jr.(US Air Force Official Photo)

Maj. Gen. David F. Wherley Jr., 62

Maj. Gen. David F. Wherley Jr. was a command pilot with more than 5,000 hours in the air, according to his military biography. During the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, he was commander of the 113th Wing at Andrews Air Force Base and detailed the harrowing minutes of tough decision making during that time in a Washington Post interview in 2002. He was major general of D.C.'s National Guard until June 2008 and was lauded for the educational programs he helped create for high school dropouts. Hundreds Mourn General, Wife | Video: Remembering the Wherleys | Leave a Testimonial
Cameron Williams(Courtesy of WUSA9)

Cameron Williams, 37

It was an ordinary weekday morning and afternoon for Cameron Williams on Monday. As he often did, he cooked himself a breakfast plate in the morning, then surfed the Web and did some light cleaning around the house while he chatted with his aunt and grandmother in the afternoon. Just as he was preparing to go off to his night maintenance job, he stopped on the porch of the Takoma Park home he shared with his grandmother and chatted with his aunt and her friend about the upcoming weekend, telling them he'd like to take in a show at the Carter Barron Amphitheater in Rock Creek Park on Saturday.

"Then he turned the corner and headed to the Metro," said Shirley Williams said of her 37-year-old nephew, the oldest of five brothers who grew up in the city and graduated from Coolidge High School. "I watched him until I couldn't see him anymore."

Williams was one of the nine fatalities in yesterday's Metro crash. His aunt said that he worked as a contract laborer from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and had worked at the downtown office for six months. He was on his way to work when the train derailed. "He was a good good guy," Williams said. He didn't cuss, drink, smoke or anything. Just a good man." A Shared Bond | Leave a Testimonial
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